The Smyth County School Board's Moodle server provides:

  • Online professional development opportunities for school board employees;
  • Supplementary instructional content for students;
  • Curriculum maps for the courses taught in Smyth County Schools.

Accessing the professional development courses, student courses, and curriculum maps requires basic web browsing skills. You can access the curriculum maps without logging into Moodle by expanding the Courses category in the Navigation block at the left, then selecting Curriculum Maps. Then drill down the appropriate grade level and subject area. The courses and professional development workshops require a Moodle account. If you have a Smyth County Schools Windows account, you can use your Windows username and password to log into Moodle.

If you are a teacher who is going to create curriculum maps or Moodle-based content for your students, you can learn more about creating and managing courses through:

Important Notice: This site was upgraded to Moodle 2.5 on September 9, 2013. See the preceding link to the official Moodle 2.5 documentation for new features.

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